Our Vision

  • To proclaim the Gospel and to build lives for kingdom living, through spiritual enrichment. To be committed to making a difference in our local community, strengthening the family and building a Bible-believing fellowship.
  • To promote and develop a multicultural, Spirit-filled, empowered fellowship of believers, where lives will be transformed and personal relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ will be developed.
  • To be committed to developing our youth through Spiritual and economical empowerment. To provide enrichment programs that will promote productive and purpose-driven citizens. To cultivate the God-given gifts and provide a platform in which the gifts can be fully exercised.
  • Greater Faith Worship Center Campus is not just a Church, but it is indeed an institution, dedicated to changing one life at a time. Our ultimate goal is to partner with the community by establishing a multi-purpose community center that provides programs and services geared toward the needs of the local community. By providing these services, we hope to promote the well-being of all mankind.