On January 7, 1990, our first service convened at the Dimock Community Health Center in Roxbury, MA. Bishop Wilson served as spiritual counselor to many of the residents of the Dimock Drug Rehabilitation Program.page_about_build1

On January 8, 1991 we relocated our place of worship to Jamaica Plain, MA. where we remained for 15 years. From its inception, our ministry has been a ministry of outreach and nurture, tapping into the heartbeat of the neighborhood and connecting with the people whose paths we’ve crossed along the way. We are committed to making the community a better place for all of us to live, work and enjoy.

On October 23, 2005, we traveled by police escort to our new church home, which we purchased from the Boston Catholic Archdiocese in Hyde Park, MA.

Our future:

As a result of purchasing what is now known as the Greater Faith Worship Center Campus facilities, located in Hyde Park, MA., we will be able to continue the expansion of the vision. The campus consists of a beautiful edifice seating well over 500, the Bishop F. J. Wilson function hall, as well as a 14-room house. After we have renovated the 14-room house, it will be dedicated as the Greater Faith Multi-service center. During the next phase of our future, the multi-service center will provide services geared toward the needs of the community and the whole man. With the expertise and knowledge of talented parishioners in our congregation, we will be able to provide strong mentoring, tutoring as well as spiritual enrichment programs.

Our past is now behind us and our “Future” looks good.

Inside the Sanctuary

Outside the Sanctuary

Sanctuary Building (Safford St.)

F. J. Wilson Hall (Wood Ave.)

Focus Center (Chapel Hill Rd.)