Our Pastors

ADP_7429-EFrederick J. Wilson a native of Boston, Massachusetts was ordained in 1982. Ruth e Wilson was ordained in 1990. Together in 1990 they officially founded the Greater Faith Worship Center, formerly located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Bishop Wilson serves as the Senior Servant overseeing the spiritual aspect of the ministry. Pastor Ruth e Wilson serves as Co-Servant and Director of Business affairs. Bishop F. J. Wilson formally prepared himself for the calling by attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where he received his Masters Degree in Religious Education in 1984. He also continued his studies at the Andover Newton College and recently attended the Massasoit Community College. Pastor Ruth e Wilson attended Conwell Theological Seminary and received her degree in Religious Education in 1989.
Bishop and Pastor Ruth e have been married over 40 years and are the proud parents of (2) natural children and many spiritual sons and daughters, as well as (2) grand children.

In July 2002 Bishop Wilson was consecrated to the Office of bishop and has served and fathered young churches across the United States, as well as in Uganda.

During his travel, as he met with Pastors and leaders across the length and breadth of this land, became burdened with seeing the need to “strengthen his brothers and sisters” in Faith Believing, Faith Receiving, Faith Giving and Faith Building. It was during these personal encounters that he received his recent Kingdom assignment for this season and this set time to officially bring together “The Great Gathering” of “FAITH ‘N’ ACTION Global Fellowship. Starting in July 2009 “The Great Gathering” will convene in Boston, Massachusetts at the Greater Faith Worship Center Campus and move to other cities as well as across the seas.